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Are you a VU student eager to make an impact for a more sustainable future through your (thesis) research? Then look no further!

Take the first step and reach out to us, and we will connect you with a partner that shares your goals and is interested in promoting your research.

Driven by making an impact and inspiring change, we seek to keep expanding everyone's understanding of contemporary societal issues and developing strategies for positive sustainable change. Learn more about how it works!

How does it work?


Browse through our current opportunities and find a project that inspires you the most.


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Take Action

Once you've applied to a project, we will match you to a partner and/or researcher to get you started on making a change!

Want to be a change-maker in sustainability?


In what ways can I get involved?

In our project page, you will see that you can get involved either through an internship, thesis, case study, or volunteer work.

How do I apply to a project?

Simply apply through the project page you want to work on and let us reach out to you on how to get started.

What happens after my project?

After the project is over, we seek to help you make your voice heard by following if your recommendations and solutions have been implemented or through submitting it for publishing at our peer-reviewed journal.