The Green Action Lab

We believe that there is no singular answer to sustainable issues. Every little bit helps when it comes to making an impact.

The Green Action Lab is a tailor-made “match-making” service of the Green Office Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (GO.VU). Our mission is to connect students, researchers, and partners through impactful sustainability research. We do this by sourcing research questions from within and outside the VU and then match them with students and research experts to create opportunities for thesis and coursework based on real world problems.

The Green Action Lab collaborates closely with the Community Service Learning (CSL) activities of the VU. CSL is a form of education in which students work on societal issues covering several SDG themes in their academic coursework. The aim is that students build on the outcomes previous conducted projects as much as possible and thereby co-create a relevant and applicable body of knowledge, as well as anchoring this in society. You can find more information on


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