Zuidas Community Garden

How can we introduce climate adaptation and biodiversity in a practical way to various stakeholder groups in Zuidas? Photo by: Ritchie Damwijk, Green Business Club Zuidas


VU Athena Institute and iCSL


In which ways can the Zuidas Community Garden make an effective intervention for social and environmental sustainability in Amsterdam? In this project we offer students the opportunity to dedicate the internship, thesis, or research project that they need to complete for their master to work on a real-life challenges, namely how to make the Zuidas Community Garden an effective intervention for social and environmental sustainability in Amsterdam. By collaborating in a team with other students who address part of this challenge, you together make a contribution to a real issue in the local Amsterdam community!

The Zuidas Community Garden Project began in July 2019 and was officially opened on Thursday 16 September 2021. The project was initiated by the Amsterdam International Community School and the Green Business Club Zuidas, in cooperation with the Municipality of Amsterdam, Dynamo Welzijnswerk and VU Amsterdam. The Zuidas Community Garden has six main goals:

1. To learn more about gardening.

2. To create a shared space for everyone to enjoy.

3. To understand more about pollinators and other creatures.

4. To develop love and respect for nature.

5. To bring together school, children, families, and community.

6. To make meaningful connections with local residents and businesses.


  • What is the potential of this garden in capturing greenhouse gases? How can this be optimised?
  • How can we motivate different stakeholder groups (e.g. children, elderly, business workers, business organisations) to actively contribute to the garden and to climate adaptation and biodiversity?
  • How can the garden contribute to (science) education of children?
  • How can the garden contribute to social cohesion?
  • How can the garden contribute to health & wellbeing of the community?
  • How can the cost-benefit of this initiative be assessed?
  • How can business organisations benefit from the garden (e.g. through Corporate Social Responsibility)?

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