VU Marketing Sustainable Innovations

What are people’s attitudes towards plastic-free fruits and vegetables? Transforming consumers’ behaviors towards being sustainable-oriented is the key to achieving sustainable development. Recently sustainable practices such as reducing single plastic usage have been in momentum, how to stimulate this kind of sustainable behavior among more people remains a societal and scientific challenge. We seek to utilize geo-information science with the latest insights from behavioral science to explore how spatial information, convenience, combined with price premium affect consumers. The spatial perspective on top of conventional behavioral analysis can break the bottleneck of lacking sustainable actions in a large population by providing a spatial configuration of sustainable stores and their role as potential interventions. We plan to organize an event later in the project with both researchers and stakeholders (e.g., urban planners, supply chains) where students could meet top researchers. You also will have help to get a paper ready to submit to a conference for your contribution to the project. All students are welcome to apply. Background in Psychology, Social Sciences, Economics, or other sustainability/ human behavior-related fields.


VU Marketing Sustainable Innovations - Meike Morren

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