Think before you print: Sustainable printing at the VU

What are the opportunities and challenges to managing sustainable printing behaviour in the aftermath of the pandemic at the VU?


VU Information Technology Service & VU School of Business and Economics


Less printing, please! Working from home proved that printing is not a necessity when it comes to the functioning of our work and study. One of the positive impacts of the pandemic is our reduced paper consumption through printing at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. There was a 40,000-kilo reduction in the consumption of paper at the VU in the past year. Now that we are back at the university, we need to start thinking about how we can continue this trend! How can we challenge the students, employees, and staff of the university to reduce their printing behaviour?

During a course called Nudge: Influencing Behavior, CLS and the Vrije Universiteit at the SBE, students presented their proposals on how to encourage students and employees alike to think twice before printing what they need. We are also now in the process of translating this case into a reality in the university. Check out the winning nudge!

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