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How can we improve the website's usability? What are the best marketing strategies to promote it?

The “Sustainability Course Inventory” is a Green Office VU initiative that lists all the sustainability courses that are taught at VU. These courses can be fully focused on sustainability, or are related to sustainability by including some sustainable aspects in their curriculum. The inventory serves as a further step towards the VU becoming a more sustainable university and making education on sustainability more visible and accessible for students. We are currently working to improve our dashboard of the courses, you can check out the dashboard here:


Because the Sustainability Course Inventory is still in its starting phase, with its latest version only just coming out in 2021, we are looking to improve both the look of the inventory’s dashboard and the promotion strategy of the inventory as a whole. Therefore, we need your help!

This case includes two projects:

  1. An important first step is to come up with a promotion strategy for the Sustainability Course Inventory. How will this inventory be promoted to the VU students? The goal is that ultimately, all students are familiar with the inventory and know where they can find reliable and useful information on sustainable courses taught at VU.

    Available resources are, for instance, promotion through the digital TV screens which can be found in multiple places on the VU campus; VU magazines such as student magazines or university-wide magazines; Canvas; etc. Your job will be to decide on a step-by-step strategy on how the inventory should be promoted, where it should be promoted, and when.

  2. Secondly, the Sustainability Course Inventory Dashboard needs to be accessible, easy to navigate, and not too complicated to understand. There are plenty of options on how to design this dashboard, and we count on you to help us find the best one. The designer of the current dashboard will be there to help and guide the process, and make as much as he can possible for the dashboard!

    In this case, you will be asked to help and come up with an appealing layout of the dashboard, and decide on how the data gathered for the Sustainability Course Inventory is best organised visually in the dashboard.

Are you excited to take on this sustainability challenge to help the VU become a more sustainable university, and make sustainably taught courses more accessible to students? Then we look forward to collaborating with you!

Application process:
Are you interested in this position? Apply anytime before the end of academic year 2022-2023 by filling your information below and the Green Action Lab coordinator will contact you in 2-3 business days.

We are looking forward to receiving our application!

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