Research Team: Green Action Lab & PreZero


PreZero (NL / EN)


In a decisive era of environmental challenges and sustainability goals, the Green Action Lab introduces an exceptional opportunity for students passionate about turning sustainability theories into tangible action. Through the Green Action Lab Research Team, in collaboration with VU’s waste management partner, PreZero, we aim to aid VU towards achieving zero waste by 2030. This initiative focuses on practical solutions in waste management, recycling, and the principles of zero waste on campus.

This project is a unique chance to be at the forefront of VU’s sustainability initiatives, working on practical solutions to environmental challenges. Your participation will not only help VU advance towards zero waste by 2030 but also provide you with invaluable experience in sustainability practices.


As a participant in the Green Action Lab Research Team, you will:

- Collaborate on a sustainability project aimed at enhancing VU's waste management practices and advancing towards a zero-waste campus.

- Work alongside PreZero and VU staff to dynamically adjust project focuses, reflecting collective interests and the latest sustainability challenges at VU.


We welcome all VU students, particularly those with a keen interest in:

- The environmental impact of waste management and recycling

- Interdisciplinary approaches to solving sustainability challenges, including environmental studies, psychology/behavior, supply chains/logistics, and material science

- Collaborative problem-solving

What are we offering?

By joining the Green Action Lab Research Team, you will gain:

- Practical experience in sustainability consulting

- The opportunity to develop research directly relevant to VU's ongoing commitment to sustainability alongside PreZero

- A LinkedIn recommendation from the VU Green Office as a recognition of your contribution. This will not only highlight the skills and experience you've acquired during the project but also significantly enhance your professional profile and expand your networking opportunities.

Duration: From March until June

Working hours: Approximately 4 hours per week - including meetings and group work

Place: VU Amsterdam and remote

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