People - Friendly Campus

How to make the VU campus more people-friendly? What are the current social issues on campus (e.g., loneliness, performance anxiety, stress, community building, inclusion, discrimination, etc.)? A campus is a place that gathers students of different backgrounds, experiences, aspirations, goals, and (dis)abilities. Although somewhat different, all students are here for the same reason – to gain education, enjoy the most of this moment in their lives, and become the greatest versions of themselves on both professional and personal levels. To accomplish this, they need to be provided with an environment that fulfills a variety of their tangible and intangible needs. The need for a people-friendly campus is one of them. It has grown in importance as many social issues we weren’t aware of earlier (or didn’t speak about them) surfaced and continue to spread. Who will lead toward this goal? The students themselves as they have the right, the energy, creativity and the persistence to shape a better tomorrow for themselves and others. All students are welcome to apply. Background in Psychology, Social sciences, Life sciences, Humanities, Ecology and Evolution, Global health or other sustainability/people-related fields.



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