Don't be trashy: The waste reduction initiative at the VU

How can the VU reduce the amount of (general) waste by 10% in the coming years?


VU Facilitaire Campus Organisatie


In 2019 the VU community produced around 1.229 tons of waste. Let reduce this enourmous amount together! Currently, all this waste is separated into 33 different types of waste. Around half of the total waste of VU in 2020 was general (or regular) waste. There are many things that can be done. For example, we could see how we can improve recycling behaviour. We could analyse how the bin design might improve recycling behaviour. Or perhaps there are ways in which we can make some processes circular. Additionally, even in the ’20s littering is still an issue, so you can advise us on how to tackle this. Or perhaps there is something completely different you would like to tackle! Help us reduce the amount of waste and apply for this case!


  • What are the main potential ways for the VU to decrease the amount of waste that is produced at the VU?
  • Are there particular cycles that can be made circular?
  • How can we improve waste separation behaviour? For example by focussing on a specific type of waste (e.g. plastic or paper)?
  • How do we reduce littering on the campus?

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