Climate Forecast For VU Campus

What would be the impact of extreme weathers (rain, flood, drought, heat, storms) on the VU campus by 2050? Climate forecast is a probabilistic statement about future climate conditions on different time (months to years) and spatial (global, regional, or local) scales. It is used for early warning of potential hazards, and managing risks arising from climate variability and change, and long-term decision-making and planning. There are many weather-sensitive sectors, like transportation, construction, tourism, energy consumption, and agriculture, that are likely to be affected by future climate changes. The VU campus is a place of living, working and learning for many students and supporting staff, and a physical environment susceptible to external influences, and thus it must be “climate ready” and adapt to any changes properly and timely. All students are welcome to apply. Background in Environmental/climate studies, Ecology and Evolution, Engineering, Environment and Resources management, or other sustainability-related fields.



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