Life Cicle Assessment (LCA) for FLOX Flowers

What is the difference in environmental impact of fresh flowers compared to artificial flowers using the life cycle assessment (LCA) method?


FLOX Flowers


The environmental impact of fresh flowers is determined by several aspects such as land use, water use, heating greenhouses, use of peat, (air) transportation, use of pesticides and fertilizers, and waste. The environmental impact of artificial flowers is determined by sourcing the raw materials, production, production waste, and transportation. Some data on greenhouse gas emissions of fresh and artificial flowers is available, data on other aspects is mainly missing.

It is generally believed that the environmental impact of fresh flowers is bigger than that of artificial flowers. However, the use of plastics for artificial flowers could be considered as a disadvantage by many customers. Besides environmental impact, fresh and artificial flowers differ in terms of social impact in the production chain. A life cycle assessment could make a comparison between fresh and artificial production clearer. At the same time we can learn how the less impacting product can be made even better in terms of impact.

All students are welcomed to apply. Knowledge about LCA and Chinese language are a plus.

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