Climate-Adapted Campus

What are some strategies to become a climate-adapted/neutral campus by 2050? What are the costs of non-renewable energy on campus? How to sustain non-renewable energy on campus? Climate predictions indicate that urgent action is needed to mitigate emissions and adapt to climate change. Events arising from climate change, like the weather extremes, are likely to influence all aspects of academic life, from teaching and conducting research, to student recruitment, camp premises and infrastructure, transport, and finally the wellbeing and safety of students and supporting staff. Higher educational institutions hold assets they can offer to society, primarily through innovation, infrastructure, and knowledgeable students and staff members. As such, they are great places for (starting) climate adaptation. To become a climate-adapted campus, first, we need to set a climate-related goal. What will be yours?. All students are welcome to apply. Background in Environmental/climate studies, Ecology and Evolution, Engineering, Environment and Resources management, Global health, or other sustainability-related fields.



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